Practice tonight!

Posted by Galvez Tigers Football on Jul 30 2019 at 01:03PM PDT in Spring 2019

If you are scheduled to volunteer this does not apply to you. You will still be required to show up for your volunteer time if you signed up for today.

Parents tonight and tonight only we will be doing our player/cheerleader drop off procedure for when the parking lot is excessively flooded. All parents will enter the gate and go down the gravel road and drop off there child going around the dumpster and then promptly exiting the field down the pavement driveway. All cheer and d team parents should do the same procedure around 7pm to pick up your child a board member will be there with them. All other team parents should be there at 730 to pick up there child with the same procedure as the drop off. If you MUST stay please park where you will not be in the way of dropoff and somewhere your certain you can get out of without getting stuck. Sorry for any inconvenience but mother nature dont like us at the moment.


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